Posted by: Jenny | Saturday, 8 March 2014

The ‘least travelled’ cake

For Climate Week, three Gloucestershire organisations are working together to organise a ‘climate cake’ competition.  The competition will be judged at 2pm today, Saturday 9 March at Global Footsteps café in Cheltenham, by representatives from Global Footsteps, Transition Town Cheltenham and Friends of the Earth Cheltenham.

I decided to submit a cake in one of the three categories: least travelled cake, most fair trade cake, and best decoration depicting climate change.  The first two categories require you to think carefully about where ingredients come from.  I felt that the ‘least travelled’ category would be the most challenging.  I was up for the challenge – and such it was.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to take a long hard look at each ingredient and how I sourced it.  The process has involved thinking about what alternatives I might use, if a locally sourced product just isn’t available – should I use hazelnuts, grown in the UK, in place of almonds, grown in mediterranean climates? — as well as the route from the producer to my kitchen.  I’ve researched various products and found a few surprises on the way.

At the end, I will give the recipe for this cake.


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