Posted by: Jenny | Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bloggers’ block?

This is my first blog post for almost six months. Why? It is not that I have not been writing. I have even written a couple of pieces that I had intended as blog posts, but I failed to post them.

I don’t consider myself to be enough of a writer to claim to know, from first-hand experience, what ‘writers block’ might feel like. But I don’t think that my creative instincts are ‘blocked’. It is, rather, the expectation that I have of myself that my first post after such a long silence should be something spectacular, or at least worthy.

This is why I decided to post this short piece analysing my lack of commitment to my blog in recent months. I hope that it will unblock the path and allow me to start posting regularly and more frequently.



  1. Just wait until the muses catch up with you . . .

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