Posted by: Jenny | Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Back to work … maybe

The next chapter in my life as a ‘semi-retired’ person is about to unfold.  Spookily, on one fateful Monday now 6 weeks ago, I was approached by three different people asking me for some of my time.

One evoked a straightforward ‘no’ response: did I want to take on a 12-18 month project which would involve relocating to another country?  The destination was attractive,  but we have already decided to keep our base in the UK for at least the next couple of years.  As if this wasn’t enough reason, the project didn’t get me excited either.

The second request was almost as easy to accept, as the first had been to decline: would I be prepared to serve on a Baha’i committee?  Of course I will try to serve in whatever way I can.  This is one of the bounties of having more time available.  I hope to bring to these duties a level of energy and commitment that I always found difficult to summon up when performing them alongside the ‘day job’.

The third required careful consideration.  Would I be interested in a part-time consultancy role, working for a German organisation, for 6 months or so?  Martin’s advice was simple and effective: ignore the money – then consider whether you still want to take this on.  I considered, and came up with a number of reasons why I should give it a go.

Kick-off is next week, and it may yet happen that the requirements of the client do not match what I feel I have to offer and gain from the contract.  But I am optimistic that it will work out, and prove to be a good test of whether I am able to balance the newly discovered attractions of meditative activities with the demands of corporate politics, language and cultural learning, and business travel.


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