Posted by: Jenny | Thursday, 5 July 2007

What can I put in my blog, that others will want to read?

  • Current affairs

I do not feel qualified to comment on events on the national or international stage.  Even local affairs.  I may have my opinion, but who wants to listen, and what value can my opinion have for others?

  • My own development

Things very personal to me, I find it easy to write about, journal-style.  But how interesting are these things to others?  How much of myself do I really want to expose?

  • The process of grief

Again, very personal.  But this could be of value to someone else experiencing bereavement, or trying to help the bereaved.

  • Things that happen in my life

Now here may be a possibility.  I can and often do draw on my personal experience to make a more general observation.  Or set my own experience in a historical or cultural context, relating it to more widely understood reference points.  Even mundane events or routine activities allow of this treatment.  Providing it does not become too formulaic.

  • Memories of Ben

If presented in the right way, this could be useful and interesting to people who knew Ben or knew of him.  Does this belong in my blog, or should I start a special ‘Ben blog’?  I think the latter course may be more satisfactory.

  • Poetry (and other creative stuff)

My blog could definitely be a vehicle for publishing my bits of creative writing.  Some of them are, in my view, good enough to share.  The creative process may be private, but the results need not be.

  • Reflections on my past experience

The trigger need not be something topical or current.  Maybe it will be more interesting to others, though, if I can relate it to a subject that is accessible.

  • The human condition

Most journalism and literature that grabs my attention is dealing with some aspect of what it is to be human.  Good comedy does this very effectively.  Maybe I can use the most mundane to the most mystical experience to make an observation that others can relate to.

What is a blog for, and why would anyone wish to read it?  When all is said and done, for education or entertainment I would still rather reach for a book or newspaper.  A blog’s appeal lies in the face that it is personal.  I am not a journalist, so I mustn’t get carried away with making general comments that are neither very perceptive not witty.  Anyone who reads a blog is a bit of a voyeur.  So I must give them something that allows them to take a peek into my life.


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